Harry’s Story Receives Official Selection Status – Montreal

Harry's Story was an Official Selection at the Montreal Independent Film Festival in 2021.

Harry’s Story makes it to Montreal and was awarded an “Official Selection” designation at the Montreal Independent Film Festival (MIFF) in 2021.

MIFF was founded in the spirit of independent filmmaking, creativity, and discovery for international and Canadian short and features of all genres. The festival is both monthly and annual.  For more information visit: https://www.montrealindependentfilmfestival.com 

To view Harry’s Story please visit his YouTube documentary.  Be sure to check out Harry’s outakes to learn more about his experiences surviving the Nazi occupation of Holland.

Harry’s Story Wins Best Documentary Short at Festival

Harry’s Story – a documentary about Harry Andringa’s childhood memories hiding Jews during WWII, won Best Documentary Short at the Toronto – Newmarket Film Festival in February 2021. This was the first film festival submission for Harry’s Story. 

The Toronto – Newmarket Film Festival holds monthly competitions with several categories.  Monthly winners automatically are entered into the annual competition. The monthly festival is a monthly online international film festival.

In addition to the documentary several outtakes can be seen here: http://harrysstory.ca/harrys-story-outtakes/ 

“Harry’s Story” Screened at Lennox & Addington County Museum

Harry's Story screened at Lennox & Addington County Museum and Archives

Harry and Fim Andringa attended the screening of the documentary “Harry’s Story” at the Lennox and Addington County Museum and Archives on November 25, 2017.  Organized by Rob Plumley (Community Development Officer) and Jane Foster (Manager, Museum & Archives), the small screening took place in the beautiful meeting room of the Museum.  Once the County jail, the Museum and Archives has been transformed to be the premier meeting venue in Napanee after the extensive renovation program a few years ago.

The documentary was produced by Ken and Cathy Hook of Cloyne and is available for public viewing on Harry’s website.  Harry’s Story is about the memories of a 9 year old boy growing up in Holland during the Nazi occupation during WWII. Harry explains the horrors of war and the impact upon the citizens of Holland, waiting for liberation by the Allies.  The documentary is meant to be shared as much as possible and can be easily downloaded for free for public viewing, in 4K resolution.  Harry’s Story can also be seen on YouTube as a Trailer and full-length video. It is non-monetized.

Harry's Story screened at Lennox & Addington County Museum and Archives

Harry’s Story, Outtake #4 – Money was Worthless – Trading for Food

During the Nazi occupation of Holland, Dutch money was worthless. To get food citizens traded anything of value to receive a bag of grain or other food. Harry tells an amusing story about a farmer with potatoes who made a bad trade.

The documentary, ‘Harry’s Story’ is about the childhood memories of Harry Andringa when he lived in Holland with his family during the Nazi invasion in 1940.  He recalls the hiding of Jews in his family home to prevent Jews being sent to concentration or death camps. At the age of 25, Harry immigrated to Canada and worked as a TTC bus driver in Toronto for many years.  After retirement he moved to the small village of Flinton, Ontario with his wife Fim and son David.  Harry took a keen interest in volunteerism as a way to say thanks to Canada and the Allies for ending 5 years of Nazi brutality and ending the War in Europe in 1945.  Harry’s memories are preserved in his documentary.

“Harry’s Story” in the Frontenac News, November 2017

Harry's Story - Frontenac News Nov 2017 Article

Harry’s Story” documentary launch at the Northbrook Lions Hall was mentioned in the November 9th, 2017 edition of the Frontenac News.  Jeff Green wrote the article and attended the public launch on October  25th.  Later Jeff interviewed Harry Andringa to answer some questions he had regarding  Harry’s immigration to Canada.  Harry’s wife, Fim also talked to Jeff about the refugee crisis in the world today.  See the full story here.

Harry’s Story Documentary to be Shown in Napanee Nov 25, 2017

Harry's Story Documentary Screening at L&A County Museum and Archives

Harry’s Story will receive another public screening, this time in Napanee at the Lennox & Addington County Museum and Archives. The date is November 25th, 2017 at 2 pm.  Admission is $3.00 per person. Harry plans to attend to answer questions after the presentation.  Everyone welcome!

A trailer video can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/Zbcw1NNQgUQ

Tweed News: Harry’s Story Launch at Lions Hall – Standing Room Only

Tweed News - Harry's Story Launch at Northbrook Lions Hall

Tweed News – Harry’s Story Launch at Northbrook Lions Hall

Click link to see full story.  Thanks to Shannon Binder Bray for coming to the launch and writing the story and taking the photo and to Rodger Hanna (owner/operator of the Tweed News) for publishing the article.

Harry’s Story Premiere Well Attended – Standing-Room Only!

Harry Andringa and members of his family attended the launch of 'Harry's Story'.

Public Launch October 25, 2017

What a great turnout to the public launch of ‘Harry’s Story’ at the Northbrook Lions Hall!  Several members of Harry’s family attended too and quickly posed for the above photo.  Thanks to the Land O’ Lakes Lions for providing the Hall for the launch and the Cloyne and District Historical Society for providing refreshments.  Harry answered some questions afterwards and gave special recognition to WWII Veteran Gordon Wood who was in attendance.

Harry’s Story Local Launch Announced!
October 25th at the Northbrook Lions Hall

Come to the Public Viewing!

The trailer video of Harry’s Story has been well circulated and now is the time to set a date for public release.  In partnership with the Cloyne and District Historical Society and the Lions Club of Land O’ Lakes Inc., we are pleased to launch Harry’s Story with a public viewing on October 25th at 7  pm in the Northbrook Lions Hall.

Harry Andringa  is planning to attend and will answer questions after the 38 minute presentation.

Refreshments will be served.

Please join us learn why there is a special bond between the Dutch and Canadians!

“Harry’s Story” Documentary Completed – Available Free for Public Showing

Thank you  for visiting our blog. Harry’s Story documentary is now complete and is available free, online.  Harry Andringa kindly let Ken and Cathy Hook interview him and ask questions about his experiences during the war.  Harry used to visit local schools in the fall months, around Remembrance Day, and tell high school children about the hardships his family faced after Nazi occupation in his village.  He explains how everything changed when the Nazis arrived.  He explains about the ‘Hunger Winter’ when thousands of Dutch citizen starved to death when the Nazis cut-off food supplies.

Harry’s family hid Jews from the Nazis.  Being caught was punishable by sent to a concentration camp or death for the Jews and the Dutch families.He describes concentration and death camps including the infamous Auschwitz.  His memories are supported by vintage war footage from the Canadian Army Newsreels.

Harry hopes that telling his memories of WWII in Holland will educate children into the horrors of war and what can happen when dictators and oppression can go unchecked.  History should not be able to repeat itself again.

View the complete documentary on YouTube.
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