My Childhood Memories During WWII In Holland

Telling my Story to the World

When I was 9 years old I lived in Aartswoud, Holland. In 1940, Hitler's Nazis invaded my country and changed our lives forever. My family hid Jews from the Nazis to prevent them from being sent to concentration and death camps. This video is about my memories as a boy living in Nazi-occupied Holland from 1940 - 1945 and the hardships we endured.
Please share this video with your family and friends. Harry Andringa

About the Video: Specfications: Filmed in 4K, 36 minutes in length.
This documentary was produced by Ken and Cathy Hook. Narration was supplied by Robin Siegerman. Harry Andringa allowed us to video capture this interview and augment it with vintage war footage courtesy of Canada's National Film Board - Canadian Army Newsreels. We hope Harry's Story will give viewers a better understanding of the horrific consequences of war.
This is a charitable production that is non-monetized and entirely free from ads for public viewing.
Thank you for watching! Ken Hook

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